As a painter I was influenced by the work of Bruno Bettelheim who saw an important role for myths and fairytales within our society. As a photograher I took that approach with me in my work.                                                                            

The only way I felt able to respond to my environment was to blur the line between streetphotography, visual poetry and art. Trying to capture new stories, fairytales and mythologies in our daily environment.  That would in my opinion be the essence of my work.                                                                                   

I chose to frame carefully to illustrate how people interact with each other within their environment. Their identity many times lost by the way the image is framed or cropped. I started to look at the way people move, the clothes they wear and how their bodies were positioned within their surroundings. Thus being able to tell little stories during these short moments in time.                                                                                                                               

As such the pictures started to look as movie stills where the people, often unaware of being photographed, are actors portraying the Zeitgeist. The black and white and stark contrast enhancing the level of drama within the urban grittiness of the environment. 

In this environment I encounter brief moments in the lives of strangers: they are characters playing a small part in a bigger narrative. Not constructed but captured as an objet trouvé of the human condition in a frozen moment of time. 

Themes of solitude are palpable and reflect perhaps the uncertainty people feel about their changing environment and culture. What will it bring us and where will it lead us?